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Is your family going to gain one more member? That’s so good news! How many weeks do you have until the baby shows up? One week? Two weeks? Three weeks? It really doesn’t matter! Use all the time you have to get ready for a great party! Throw out an amazing Baby Shower to gather all your nearest and dearest and celebrate the coming child’s birth.

Here we suggest you lots of recommendations and ideas of how to create outstanding Baby Shower centerpieces.

Remember that Baby Showers should be very touchy and heart-melting. Use only light colors in your decorations: use pink and white colors if there is a girl going to be born, and blue and white colors in case a boy is going to be born. Choose only safe materials to create the pieces of decorations.

The basic elements of any Baby Shower decorations are flowers, paper cakes, toys, tiny clothes, emoticons and so on. Use your imagination to create the loveliest and the cutest centerpieces ever.

Pay attention to such pieces of decoration as paper cakes or paper cupcakes. Do you have any clue about what they are? Don’t you think they are eatable, do you? These cakes and cupcakes have truly become the symbols of a child’s birth. To make a paper cake use such stuff as diapers, towels, napkins, artificial flowers, various bows and ribbons, images and statuettes of babies and so on. Fold towels, napkins or whatever you have in kind of tubes. Put flowers in them, so that their stems were inside of the tubes and there inflorescences were available to be seen right on the top of them. Make 6 or 7 tubes with flowers and then connect them together with a ribbon. That is the bottom layer of your paper cake. Then create 4 or 5 tubes, connect them together in the same way and place them on the top of the bottom layer. That’s going to be the middle layer. Finally, make 3 tubes, connect them with a ribbon of the same color you’ve used before and put them on the top of you cake. The finishing touch is to place a statuette of a sweet child on the very top of the paper cake. If you want you can decorate the cake with additional bows, figures, rhinestones, glass stones and so on.

Another great idea is to draw various animals, toys and children on plywood, color the outlines and cut the ready images out. Then it’d be nice to attach them to thin sticks (use glue or tape). After that you should get small colorful pots and fill them with papers. The finishing touch is to put the cute figures attached to the sticks in the pots. Such fairy “plants” can become an essential part of any Baby Shower.

One of the greatest ideas ever is to bake plain muffins and decorate them with sugarcraft teddy-bears. Place cupcakes on the white platters and get ready to hear your guests’ exclamations of surprise.

Congratulations on the coming birth of the child! Use our ideas of Baby Shower centerpieces and throw out an unforgettable party!

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