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Are you waiting for a girl to be born?! It’s time to create Baby Shower for girls’ centerpieces!

What is peculiar about these centerpieces? The colors and the symbols are. You should use only pink, purple and yellow shades to create the Baby Shower for girls’ decorations. The symbols and images that should be predominantly used are animals, Hello Kitties, bows, crowns, dresses, lipsticks and so on. Try to think of something very girlish – that will work!

The main element of any centerpiece for Baby Shower is a paper cake! The one you’ll find below seems to be very complicated, but it’s not. Use paper towels. Connect them all together so that they could become the layers of your cake. Than connect the layers and get ready to decorate your masterpiece! Use shampoos, thermometers, cans with baby-nutrition, your future child’s socks, bathroom ducklings, bows and ribbons to make it fancy! As soon as it is ready – place it in the middle of the table, so that every quest could see what you’re waiting for and how happy you are.

Don’t forget the idea of making colorful pots for the party! Don’t even think that it’s stick-in-the-mud! A pot has always been one of the most important decorations of Baby Shower. Be imaginative and creative. Get lots of small pots and decorate them with everything that fits the theme of a party. Make the pots look gorgeous. Remember, that children are flowers of life. Therefore draw cartoon girls and cut them out of the paper or cloth. Attach the images to the sticks and put the sticks in the pots. Our flowers are ready!

By the way, there are lots of decoration ideas based on the use of pumice. This weird stone can be easily colored in pink or any other colors you need and decorated with flowers, bows, rhinestones and ribbons. The texture of this stone is very unusual and cute, so the part of your Baby Shower for girls’ centerpiece will be the same. Try to impress your guests with your decorations!

Follow our recommendations and ideas to make outstanding Baby Shower for girl’s centerpieces! Throw a touchy, heart-melting and thrilling party! Make your friend’s jaws drop!