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  1. A pre-made scrapbook.. we aauctlly did this as the activity at the baby shower instead of playing games but you could make one before you go it is very sentimental because everyone at my shower made a page (though you would be making the whole thing) and its SUPER nice for me because I can just put pictures on and not have to mess with finding time to make pages with a baby!!EDIT::: Just a warning about diapers for a gift.. I always use to give size 1 or 2 diapers until I had my own daughter a lot of people got me diapers mostly luvs and huggies and well luvs make her bottom break out and she leaks out of huggies because they don’t fit her right so I had to give all the diapers away and buy my own pampers so just a little thought to consider about that

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