Roses are red


Roses are red

It doesn’t take much time and lots of ingredients to create such a masterpiece. The list of the things you’ll need contains this: a big glass for Martini, a bunch of red/white/black/yellow/blue roses (with short stalks and no leaves and thorns on them) and artificial pearls. The amount of the flowers and pearls strongly depends on what size of the glass is chosen. It’s better to use 7-9 roses and about 15 pearls. All the pearls should be of the same color.

Place a glass on the table and put 10 pearls in it, then connect together the roses with short stalks – you can use a rope. Put a bunch of the flowers in the glass right on the top of the pearls. Good job! But you still have five extra pearls. You should place them in the flowers. The contrast created by the gentle lovable flowers and solid pearls will make everybody look at this piece of decoration with interest and awe.

The glass will be suitable for romantic dinners, anniversaries and weddings, of course. Choose light colors of flowers to decorate weddings or anniversaries and dark ones to arrange a passionate romantic dinner.


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