Floating above


Floating above

Two plain vases made of transparent glass and filled with water, flowers and stones. Seems to be dull, isn’t it? But what if we put candles on the surface of water? Look! Now it is amazing! The flames illumine the vases making them look dreamlike. The warm colors used in this decoration create a fabulous entourage. You should remember that the stuff that is put on the bottom of the vases should be of the same tone. The most suitable type of flowers that is used in this kind of decoration is an orchid. The orchids themselves can easily take roots in the stones, so if you want you can get rid of the candles when you don’t need the decorations anymore and cultivate a nice plant.

This sort of decoration can be made and used for various events: weddings, romantic evenings, anniversaries, birthday parties, grad-parties and so on. To create a special romantic effect turn off the lights in the rooms so that only the vases could lit up everything.


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  1. Wow! It is a perfect idea for decor! It is so nice, modern and easy for handmade! I like it very very much! 🙂

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