Snowflake cake


Snowflake cake

Snowy winter wedding theme is a great choice. When you look at this cake blows cold, but generally white is the brightest glowing color in nature and it is perfect for a wedding. Perfectly fit into the classical wedding atmosphere and at the same time an unusual wedding. Just like in a fairy tale about Snow Queen.

Cake is one of the most important things at a wedding, and this cake is fine, there is nothing superfluous, no fanciful figures and inscriptions. Very elegant and unique.

In England, the wedding cake until the 17th century has remained fairly modest, in the form of cake. It was only in the 19th century European aristocracy at weddings have become popular stacked cakes. Multi-storey wedding cake was invented in the 18th century, a London grocer. He really wanted to create something out of the ordinary, but come up with nothing he could until he drew attention to the dome of St. Braydskoy church on Fleet Street.

Tiered wedding cakes were so great that they were imported on a special trolley. Now wedding cakes is a real work of art, like this one, for example.



  1. I loved this cake, because it’s my birthday in January. I’m sure that on the festive table he would have been very relevant.

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