Floating canles and cones


Floating canles and cones

Have you ever thought of making something beautiful to decorate a romantic dinner table yourself? That’s not hard at all. Get a transparent bowl with not very high edges and fill it with plain water. Then take whatever flowers you want: roses, peonies, carnations and etc. Get rid of their stems, you’ll need only inflorescences. Put the latter ones carefully in the bowl, so that they could float. You can also get various neat trifles like beads, pebble and so on, and put them in the water. The finishing touch is to lit up the candles and put them on the surface of the water so that they could float as the flowers do. We’re done. Now put decoration in the middle of the table and get ready to lay it for the happy couple.
Remember, that all the stuff used for the creation of this piece of decoration should be of one or two colors. Do not use more, unless you want to be known as a tasteless person.



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